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TRUTH (Leah Marr) Power house female vocals and melodic guitar sounds of soulful southern rock. Elements of musical ingredients that resonate that relentless quality of great rock and roll.

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Europe's Roots Time Music Magazine - 

Leah Marr | Truth 

After three singles on the Billboard Top 100, Leah Marr, singer/songwriter from Dallas, Texas created this powerful debut album, called 'Truth'. Nine of the ten songs on this album Leah wrote herself. Her music can perhaps best be described as deep soulful Southern rock with a female voice that exudes power. Think of a powerful and versatile female voice leading where emotional solos of heavy rocking, brooding guitars are woven around and about you and you will know what I mean. It's the kind of music on certain American FM radios of solid rock love. ‘Truth’, will do very well.  Leah Marr musically is frequently compared to Melissa Etheridge and I can see that in genre. However, as a high degree of maturity in her performance Marr out shines Etheridge. The opening track "The Truth Shall Set You Free" is an instant hit as quick as The Black Crowes for example. There is no doubt that this song live, will provide fireworks. This also applies to good rock pieces like "Deep Down Inside" and "Your Everything" songs like these sung by Leah Marr will quickly get a concert hall on their knees. Lead Guitarist Andy Timmons, as solo guitar has played with Steve Vai, Ted Nugent, Joe Satriani. Andy cuts loose on his solos on ‘truth’ and he does not hold back with the great rock sound of wah-wah pedal rhythms. "Ready for Love" 70-ties A classic of Bad Company that Leah goes all the way and puts her mark on, making it like her own. Yet, this is the only cover and with that being said, it is also the longest track (7:43) on this album. Leah Marr sings with so much passion and reveals all emotions by the tone of her seductive, powerful voice at times so strong its rebellious, Leah’s voice is incredible and she always leaves a personal impression. She does so especially in the slowly unfolding "Missing You" and especially soulful "Lay Me Down", both belonging to the somewhat slower songs on this album. "Remember All The People" is dedicated to the victims of tragedy on American soil that hit New York’s Twin Towers September 11th, 2001 and is also a beautiful end to this CD that is great from the very beginning. In summary I can honestly say that 'Truth' is an incredible record undoubtedly that has a bright future waiting ahead for this talented singer, songwriter, live performer and recording artist. It's up to you now to know this powerful madam in Texas.   


ROOTSTIME Magazine   

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Freddy Celis 

Southern SOUL 


I just happened to catch Leah while waiting to see someone else.  To my surprise...she STOLE the show from the one I went to see.  I have tried to see her live whenever I can.  The CD is my favorite.  It's a perfect mix of rock and soul and her voice just hooks you!  Seeing her live is the BEST!  I've seen alot of live shows and she really knows how to engage the crowd and keep you mesmerized with her stage presence!  Lynette F. 


Great songs and Leah has an Amazing voice. Love all the song on the CD.. I feel the song were written about things in my life, listening to the songs ease my mind and speak to my soul. Love her and look forward to more songs she writes. 

Christine M. 

Deep Down Inside 


WOW!  This artist's vocals are amazing!  She is a profound talent!  I can't wait to see her live! She's got something here, that's for sure! 
Christine - Deep Down Inside  

Simple Amazing 


The CD itself is amazing!  If you ever get a chance to catch her perform live, do not miss it!! This woman sings from her soul with amazing beauty! 



Fell in LOVE with Leah's music the first time I heard her. I am a HUGE fan now and notice I am NOT the only follower...Leah has a voice that is uniquely her own. She is one of those artists you hear and you can say without a doubt "HEY, that's Leah Marr". Her voice is incredible and Truth is a wonderful CD, have to tell you also, if you EVER get to see her & the band live......WOW! JUST TOTAL ENTERTAINMENT! You will LOVE her CD! Best of Luck To You Leah & The Band!! 

Great CD!!!  Rocks 

My favorite song "Missing You"!!!  Great Vocals! Can't wait for the next album!! Hope to see more of your shows!!! 



I saw her once and was hooked.  This cd rocks but seeing her perform live is the best.  She is a ball of energy that moves the crowd and keeps them engaged in the music.  Her voice is amazing but her energy on stage is a knock out. 



“WOW! Leah's the real deal! Such passion and emotion is lacking in today's music... ” 



A great Rock Music album. Best "Missing You". Shades of the super Dale Krantz (Rossington Collins). ” 

J A Howarth - Truth-Missing this music while it is not on  


“Acoustic Cover Hero Seen her live and Leah is OUTSTANDING! Great video and great song! ”